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Albert Worksheet

Accelerating innovation and speed to market.

As part of Albert’s end-to-end R&D platform, Albert Worksheet is empowering R&D teams worldwide to formulate and design products faster.
  • Powerful functionality that is easy to use
  • Data-driven insights reduce product iterations
  • Connected, single source of truth for R&D
Built for Chemistry & Materials Science
Built for chemistry
& materials science
Productivity & Automation Tools
Productivity &
automation tools
Data-Driven Insights fueled by AI & ML
insights via AI & ML

R&D Reimagined

How Albert Worksheet
Expedites The R&D Process

Replaces Siloed and Outdated Systems

Say goodbye to juggling multiple spreadsheets, documents, and electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) that are tedious to manage and slow down innovation. With Albert, scientists are empowered to:
  • Design, formulate, and analyze iterations all in one connected command center
  • Leverage “excel-on-steroids” functionality to create custom calculations with 350+ supported functions

Plus, with easy-to-use and customizable features, Albert enables scientists to more effectively iterate on formulations and manage complex, multi-part product designs and projects.

Delivers Data-Driven Insights, Reduces Iterations

With Albert, scientists are able to capitalize on a wealth of data and insights to guide the product design and formulation process, including the capability to:
  • Access 50K+ commercially available raw materials with visibility into regulatory data and real-time inventory tracking
  • Tap into historical data, reports, and results from past experiments across the organization
  • Leverage Albert Insights to generate AI & ML-driven experiment simulations

Plus, with Albert’s seamless data collection, scientists are able to monitor results in real-time, accelerating iterations and the optimization of new products.

Drives a More Efficient Operation

With Albert, formulation, processes, and data are centralized in a single, connected system. Configurable workflows, structured tasks, and seamless data collection enable R&D teams to:
  • Easily collaborate and tap into resources across locations and time zones
  • Eliminate errors and rework with consistent, structured data collection
  • Automatically capture data directly from equipment across locations

All which supports reducing operational costs and turnaround time—and enabling teams to get products to customers faster.

Albert Invent Data-Driven R&D Platform
“The Albert Worksheet has been a game changer when it comes to managing my projects. It is easy-to-use like Excel, though now all my project data is connected in one place, and automatically syncs in real-time. As a result, I am able to focus more on analysis and project outcomes vs. spending time looking for, collecting, and organizing data.”
PD and Research Chemist


Time Savings with Albert Worksheet

In designing experiments and iterating on formulas

Albert Worksheet

Providing value to every stakeholder in
the R&D Process

Flexible, powerful to accelerate product design, analysis, and iterations
Seamless data entry and efficient task management
One-click SDS and labels minimizes delays in shipping product
Managers, COO
Visibility into projects with live progress tracking
Connected, single-source of truth for R&D organizational data
Faster commercialization with shortened product development cycles

Albert Worksheet

Part of the Albert R&D Platform

Accelerating the entire R&D process with a cloud-based,
end-to-end solution.
  • Centralized data provides a seamless, integrated experience—boosting productivity and collaboration
  • Data-driven insights fueled by AI and Machine Learning—enabling faster, smarter experimentation
  • Secure, API-forward architecture—ensuring IP protection