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Albert Inventory

Accelerating innovation and speed to market.

As part of the Albert R&D platform, Albert Inventory provides innovators with the data-driven insights and automation tools needed to more effectively find and research raw materials.
  • End-to-end solution built for chemistry and materials science
  • Empowering thousands of scientists across 30+ countries
  • Secure, cloud-based, API-forward platform

Powered by Albert Insights

Automated recommendations from over 50k raw materials and industry standards
Experimental predictions fueled by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Effortless compliance with regulatory automation including one-click SDS and label creation

R&D Reimagined

How Albert Inventory
expedites the R&D process

Real-time global inventory at your fingertips

Albert gives you visibility into inventory across multiple locations, automatically keeping quantities up-to-date so you always know what is available across your organization—enabling your team to:
  • Reduce time spent sourcing materials and managing inventory
  • Easily share materials across your organization
  • Reduce the costs of ordering materials that you already have

Raw material exploration made easy

Find new raw materials faster with Albert’s preloaded chemical library and search capabilities.

  • Search over 300,000 CAS numbers and chemical structures
  • Find raw materials based on chemical structure properties, EH&S regulations, and other metadata
  • Explore over 50,000 commercially available raw materials—one of the largest databases in the world
Raw material exploration made easy

Never run out of inventory again

Set minimum quantity alerts and leverage on-demand reporting so you never run out of the inventory you need.

  • Eliminate delays in shipment to your customer
  • Leverage historical reporting on raw material usage across your entire organization

Albert Inventory

Part of the Albert R&D Platform

Accelerating the entire R&D process with a cloud-based,
end-to-end solution.

  • Centralized data provides a seamless, integrated experience—boosting productivity and collaboration
  • Data-driven insights fueled by AI and Machine Learning—enabling faster, smarter experimentation
  • Secure, API-forward architecture—ensuring IP protection