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Albert Experiments

Accelerating innovation and speed to market.

As part of the Albert R&D platform, Albert Experiments provides innovators with the data-driven insights and automation tools needed to drive collaboration and more efficiently run experiments.

Run more efficient experiments
Automated workflows for task management
Connected, single source of truth for R&D
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Built for chemistry & materials science
Productivity & automation tools
Data-driven insights via AI & ML
R&D Reimagined

How expedites the R&D Process

Customize workflows
Mimic your day-to-day processes with infinite flexibility and customized data output.
Standardizes and captures the unique steps throughout the entire R&D process
Parameter Groups to modularize laboratory processes into discrete steps with defined inputs
Data templates to collect clean and structured data across all teams and locations, allowing for reporting and predictive simulations
Leverage standardized processes
Full visibility to the most common test methods, ensuring consistent processes are followed from research to commercialization.
Albert’s database provides 100s of structured methods to jump start first experiments
Ability to link workflows to known test method standards such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, UL, etc.
Run more efficient experiments
Easily turn lab work into tasks – batch, property or general – to collect, organize and share trackable data from all experiments
Drive collaboration across the organization by easily assigning tasks – organized by batch, product or general – to local or remote teams
Separate formulas from the data to easily share information without an IP risk
Ensure clean and structured data collection including linking technical data sheets to tasks
Plus, with Albert, easily keep track of all experiments – current and past – with a standardized data framework integrating existing and historical data.

“With Albert scientists can easily assign and manage tasks to the lab technician best suited for the work, whether it’s due to their location, experience, or availability. Plus, with real-time visibility, tracking what has been completed, what still needs to be done, and any modifications that were made or results that were achieved.”

Technical Success Specialist
Time Savings with Albert

Managing experiments and resource allocation

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Albert Experiments

Providing value to every stakeholder in the R&D Process

Auto-generated compliant labels for easier management and storage of materials and batches
Fast material exploration and data-driven insights to guide effective usage of materials
Comprehensive regulatory compliance and hazards information for inventory items, transaction logs for efficient audit-readiness
Managers, COO
Seamless inventory management with real-time visibility into usage across teams and locations, plus on-demand reporting
Single source of truth for inventory details and metrics—accessible in one centralized location
Efficient management of inventory throughout the entire organization to accelerate innovation and get products to market faster
Albert Experiments

Part of the Albert R&D Platform

Accelerating the entire R&D process with a cloud-based, end-to-end solution.

Centralized data provides a seamless, integrated experience—boosting productivity and collaboration
Data-driven insights fueled by AI and Machine Learning—enabling faster, smarter experimentation
Secure, API-forward architecture—ensuring IP protection
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Graphic displaying the Albert Dashboard on the computer, tablet, and phone

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