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Albert is Proud to Support RadTech

A Dynamic Association Focused On UV & EB Technology

Mickey Fortune, RadTech Association for UV & EB TechnologyWe invite you to learn about RadTech and their key initiatives in this quick, yet informative interview with their Associate Executive Director, Mickey Fortune. If you’re attending their Big Idea’s conference March 6-8 in San Diego, be sure to stop by Albert’s tabletop to say hello!

RadTech is at the forefront of educating both its members and the public alike on both the opportunities and advancements of ultraviolet (UV) electron beam (EB) technology. With over 500 members in North America, complimented by RadTech Associations around the world, RadTech continues to be a driving force in helping the industry work towards a sustainable, productive future.

Albert is delighted to recently join RadTech as an alliance member, given our complementing goals in helping accelerate innovations in chemical and materials science.

Mickey Fortune, their Associate Executive Director, shares great insights on the value RadTech brings to the industry and its members.

Thanks Mickey for taking the time to speak with Albert! Can you share a little bit about RadTech and the members you serve?

RadTech has been serving member organizations in the UV, EB and complimenting technologies since the 1980s. We are focused on the growth, education and sustainability of our technologies in the market, and even though RadTech is small relative to other industry associations, during my 20+ year tenure I’m very proud of the goals and growing impact we continue to have for our members and industry at large.

What are some examples of UV and EB technology?

When you think about UV and EB technology, it’s sometimes hard to understand the broad impact and usage it has across the world if you aren’t from our industry.  Usage of our technology is everywhere, including consumer packaged goods, furniture, flooring, household items, building materials, electronics, and more.

One of my favorite examples is its application to underseas fiber optics that connect different communities around the world. These important fiber optic networks would not have been possible without UV curable coating that protects the cables.

What are RadTech’s key initiatives?

  • Education: We are continuously focused on educating our member companies on raw materials, and more importantly facilitating the sharing of best practices. This includes safety and handling, along with the discovery and dissemination of the latest innovations to support their current and future businesses and stay competitive. A large part of our education also involves sharing information and guidance with the public at large about our industry and the safety and usage of chemicals and materials in products.

    I’m also particularly proud of our RadLaunch accelerator which provides support for start-ups, students and innovators.

  • Sustainability: This is a big focus of RadTech, and continuously are providing our member organizations guidance and support. An example includes our composability and recyclability studies, which helps both in the discovery and education of optimizing packaging materials that can be recycled and/or more effectively decompose in the environment. To ensure we continue to grow and support our members’ sustainability initiatives, we hired Cara Bommarito as our Sustainability Manager a few years go, who is doing a great job in helping elevate our education and activities surrounding sustainability.
  • Regulatory: As part of our educational efforts, we also are involved on the regulatory front. Our industry is (rightfully so) heavily regulated. Though we also strongly believe in supporting common sense regulation, that continues to support the safety and usage of materials without stifling innovation. For example, we need new materials to continuously innovate and support sustainability practices, though if those new materials aren’t getting approved it comes a challenging roadblock to bring our industry forward in improving the world in which we live in. Thus, it’s a balancing act, and our Director of Environmental Affairs, Rita Loof, continues to be a driving force in educating state and federal regulators, and our members.
  • Building Community: Lastly, and most importantly, at RadTech, we’re focused on extending our impact and reach across our member organizations, and our industry both within the US and around the globe. As mentioned, RadTech is an international organization. We have affiliates in Europe, Japan, China and South America. And because the companies in which we serve are multinational, we’re especially proud to facilitate sharing and collaboration across borders and complimenting associations outside of RadTech that support continuous growth and innovation.

How can individuals and companies get involved with RadTech?

Easy first step, join RadTech! If you’re new within the industry, or in research, manufacturing or academia, you will benefit from being part of the RadTech community. This includes the opportunity to take advantage of our professional development initiatives, government outreach, networking with member groups and community and more.

Next, attend our shows. Our annual BIG Ideas for UV+ EB Technology focuses on promoting global innovation and perspectives on future industry trends. Our biennial conference (takes place on even years) extends learning opportunities in our industry, including end-user applications and academic advancements.

Thanks again Mickey for your time and, more importantly, your invaluable contribution to the UV & EB technology industry. We look forward to continuing to support RadTech’s mission and invite organizations to learn more by visiting:

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