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Ready to accelerate innovation?

Albert’s end-to-end cloud-based R&D platform is here for you.
  • Remove barriers to innovation caused by siloed data in disconnected systems.
  • Achieve smarter experimentation with online collaboration, machine learning, and AI.
  • Drive efficiencies in discovering new materials, automating regulatory compliance, and more.

With Albert, we’ve got you covered.

Smarter Experimentation

Built for Chemical & Materials Science

Used by 1000’s of Scientists in 30+ countries

Used by 1000s of Scientists worldwide

Cloud-based secure system + API forward 

Cloud-based secure system + API forward 

Seamless innovation to accelerate speed to market

All data in one place

Connected, and centralized all-in-one place – data is accessible from anywhere and secured by a trusted, API-first cloud platform.

  • Organizational data quality improved with standardized workflows and data connectivity
  • Data templated to collect collect clean and structured data across all teams and locations
  • Universal data language grounds data collection and management in global standards
  • Automated, up-to-date information throughout the entire R&D process

Powered by Albert Insights

Smarter experimentation

Make more informed decisions and reduce the number of iterations.

  • Experimental predictions fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Automated recommendations from growing database of over 50k raw materials plus industry standards
  • Advanced predictive models to make smarter, faster decisions
  • Models trained across your organization’s entire historical dataset

Easier collaboration

Boost your organization’s productivity by speaking the same data language throughout the entire R&D process.

  • Break down data silos between individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Access global inventory that aligns with the entire organization
  • Create standardized workflows, share structured data and results, plus more

Real-time, custom reporting

With visualization and custom reporting, data insights are easier to interpret and share

  • Customizable views with applicable filters to focus on relevant information
  • Easily share reports – with real-time data – via just a URL vs. cumbersome ppts or spreadsheets

Built on a Secure, API-forward platform

Intellectual Property protected

With Albert, all data is collected and managed in a centralized and secure platform, versus excel spreadsheets and paper notebooks that can ‘walk out the door’.
  • Secure, cloud-based system – accessible from anywhere – to collect, share, and track IP across the operations
  • Granular role and user designation to control and manage access to system, tools, data, and more

API-forward platform allows limitless integrations

Albert’s API-forward platform enables sharing data with key systems within and beyond the R&D operations. It also provides the opportunity for your internal team or external partners to build customer Apps, driving even more data-driven insights and collaboration.

"Albert is my best friend and makes my life easier."