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And how it’s empowering thousands of scientists worldwide to innovate faster?

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In this quick, yet informative 30-minutes we will be sharing: 
  • Albert’s end-to-end approach to digitally transforming labs and why it matters when it comes to leveraging AI and machine learning
  • How Albert helps expedite every stage of the R&D process from inventory, formulation, experiments, regulatory compliance, and more
  • Specific customer use cases and ROI being achieved

If you are considering new technologies for your R&D operations or looking for better ways to expedite time to market, this is a session you will not want to miss. 

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Join us at our next Coffee with Albert

Thursday, June 15
8-8:30 am PST (11-11:30 am EST)

Smarter Experimentation

Built for Chemical & Materials Science

Used by 1000’s of Scientists in 30+ countries

Used by 1000s of Scientists worldwide

Cloud-based secure system + API forward 

Cloud-based secure system + API forward 

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